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Once again, thanks for making our two presentations to advertising agencies so effective. There is no question that your lively, intelligent exhibition about memory training helped us gain stature with the agencies – and helped those who attended to go away with a few new tools to help them be more effective in their work.

We had tremendous word-of-mouth feedback from your presentation, as indeed I knew we would, for you truly come across as wonderfully entertaining, informative, and engaging. The good thing is, this is something advertising agencies can really use.

Some of the people who attended told me they were especially struck by your comments on how they can create ads that are memorable, ads that stick in people's heads. Frankly, I think you ought to be doing more work with agencies in this regard, inasmuch as you have a tremendous wealth of knowledge to impart about how ads can be made more effective.

In any case, thanks again for your valuable contribution to what we are doing here at California Business.”

Karl Fleming, Publisher and Editor-in-chief

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