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Praise, Accolades, and Thanks

Letters of Thanks from Companies and Associations

Dear Hermine:

Once again, thanks for making our two presentations to advertising agencies so effective. There is no question that your lively, intelligent exhibition about memory training helped us gain stature with the agencies – and helped those who attended to go away with a few new tools to help them be more effective in their work.

We had tremendous word-of-mouth feedback from your presentation, as indeed I knew we would, for you truly come across as wonderfully entertaining, informative, and engaging. The good thing is, this is something advertising agencies can really use.

Some of the people who attended told me they were especially struck by your comments on how they can create ads that are memorable, ads that stick in people's heads. Frankly, I think you ought to be doing more work with agencies in this regard, inasmuch as you have a tremendous wealth of knowledge to impart about how ads can be made more effective.

In any case, thanks again for your valuable contribution to what we are doing here at California Business.

Karl Fleming, Publisher and Editor-in-chief

Dear Hermine,

On behalf of everyone in attendance at our luncheon, and all 1,500 members of the Direct Marketing Association of Washington, I'd like to extend a heart-felt thank you for your brilliant presentation on September 12th.

You are a program chairperson's dream-come-true! Everything went perfectly – from capturing our attention ... to timing.

Not only did you show us how to better use our memories, you gave us an event to remember for years to come.

We look forward to welcoming you back in the future. Until then, please know how much we appreciate your willingness to share your time and talents with our group.

Again, thank you!

Anne Schleiger Hall, Program Chairperson

Dear Hermine,

The Boeing Anaheim Chapter of the National Management Association thoroughly appreciated your appearance at the February General Membership Meeting. Our members and guests enjoyed a very valuable and most entertaining experience from "America's Memory Motivator" on improving and rejuvenating their memories. Your high energy level and spontaneous humor kept the audience in a constant uproar! Your demonstration on "Super Soniks" was incredibly impressive.

You had stated that your ultimate goal for the evening was that each person "walk out with something valuable and have a ball!" Well, from the reaction of the audience and their positive comments, you certainly achieved your goal. My goal was to provide a high-quality and entertaining speaker for our members and I thank you for helping me attain that goal!

Wishing you continued success,
Sylvia Adams, Vice President of Programs

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From NASA, Johnson's Space Center (Houston, Texas)

  • Hermine is very talented at keeping the session upbeat.
  • Very interesting, educational, and rewarding; outstanding presentation.
  • What an exciting and enjoyable learning experience! Her Magnetic personality makes one want to learn - learning with laughter!
  • Her teaching method was great! She was more than interesting, she was marvelous! Her skills were excellent! She was fabulous! Everyone should take this seminar. This program was excellent and should be offered to everyone!
  • Very good program. Thank you!
  • Excellent!
  • Ms. Hilton was a great presenter. Never boring.
  • I really enjoyed this seminar. It works!
  • Very enjoyable! Great Instructor!
  • Bring her back, again.
  • She was excellent! This should be required of all teachers.
  • Excellent Presentation. Hope we do this again.
  • Excellent speaker and information. Need to bring her back again. Suggest this seminar be given to all our managers and supervisors.
  • Ms. Hilton is very dynamic; she is enthusiastic and very funny. She keeps me awake, and that's something most presenters can't do. She is SUPERB!
  • Excellent seminar and the techniques learned will be with me for life – & useful for life in many aspects! Thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Good seminar with a good instructor – knows her subject well and keeps class involved and listening.
  • This was the best seminar I have ever taken here. This should be a seminar also provided by the training office. It has greatly enhanced my memory ability and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Great seminar. Very useful learning tools.
  • Wonderfully entertaining and energetic.
  • Very, very interesting and helpful! What a treat. I think every school child (as well as adults) needs this as a Study Skill – it should be a required program in every school in the world!
  • The constant introduction of humor in the lecture makes one more at ease in this learning experience. I'm glad she believes in the theory and utilizes it as much as she does.
  • Enjoyable, memorable, very useful. Thanks.
  • Interesting, fast-paced, & entertaining.
  • This seminar was very informative. I can foresee a very positive outcome with my memory skills. Thank you!

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From High Schools, Prep Schools,
and Universities

On behalf of the Pottstown Gifted Program, Pottstown School District, and all students representing 16 different High Schools, I want to thank Hermine Hilton for her participation in the Gifted Symposium. The day was a huge success! Students had the opportunity to get a better understanding of themselves and how to make the most out of their future. The main event for the day was Hermine's presentation. I can't express with words how impressive and beneficial her memory talk was for the students. They learned a great deal and now have the foundation for future success. She amazed the audience by first demonstrating her ability to memorize large amounts of information and then showing them how to do it. Her energy was electric and her involvement with the students made for a fast-paced, enjoyable show. Hermine has a great sense of humor and uncanny ability to connect with the audience. Countless students have commented, since her presentation, that they have used her techniques with success. It has helped them study more effectively and with greater ease.

I would recommend everyone to hear Hermine's presentation. It will make a life changing difference.

Greg Troutman
Gifted Program Coordinator, Pottstown Senior High

On behalf of The Hill School we would like to thank you, Ms. Hilton, for coming to speak to our students on May 16. Your enthusiasm and energetic personality came together to provide an amazing memory techniques presentation that will benefit our students as they take on the challenges of college and careers. By encouraging laughter and participation, you helped our students learn techniques to help them recall basic information such as addresses, dates, historical facts, and names.

We really appreciated your presentation.

Cathy L. Skitko
Director of Communication, The Hill School

Hermine Hilton was a major hit yesterday! When we first booked her memory training seminar for California State University managers and administrators, I must admit I was a bit anxious about what kind of response we would get. I built a conservative budget around 40 attendees, but was bowled over when the registrations just kept coming in until we reached maximum capacity! We turned so many registrations away that we must schedule another seminar in Northern California.

From the moment I began working with Hermine, the energy simply flowed. She was so in tune with what we needed for a very critical audience. Although I got along with her famously before the seminar, I didn't relax in the back of the seminar room until I felt the audience simply surrender to her. Thankfully, that occurred within the first 10 minutes. Unlike so many of our seminars, the questions kept coming and the interchange between Hermine and typically stuffy staff managers never stopped. There wasn't a soul daydreaming or making lists of things to do after the seminar. The only criticism from this group? It should have been longer. Can you believe it? And then they stood in line afterwards to get Hermine's autograph! It couldn't have been a more perfect event.

If you have others who are considering Hermine Hilton as a speaker with a lot of entertainment-wrapped substance, I would be happy to endorse her. She has our vote!

Lynn B. Hellmer
Senior Director, The California State University Office of the Chancellor

From Students of other Hilton Memory Seminars

  • I went on a 10-day ocean cruise and knew everyone's name after meeting with them for the first time ...
  • Taking the Hilton Memory Seminar helped me organize my thoughts while studying for my CPA examination. I am able to set up my notes in sequence for the most critical points, and now I am not afraid to take the examination.
  • It seemed that things got away from me ... I just couldn't remember! Now I feel very confident in remembering even simple things ... where I left my keys, my glasses ...
  • It is important for me to know the many different types of stones, (gems), for a specialty course that I am taking in order to pursue a new career. I applied what I learned at the Hilton Memory Seminar and now for the first time my fears of forgetting have disappeared.
  • It was important that I did not forget the key points of a speech I was to make. I had the feeling that I might leave something out ... After learning the memory system taught at the Hilton Memory Seminar, I have much more confidence in myself.
  • I'm in the real estate business and it seemed that I would lose business because the clients did not feel I knew enough about the listings. I discovered when I did not have to pour over the many listings, but could quote the information from memory, the client seemed reassured that I knew my properties and, thereby, my sales volume increased beyond my expectations.
  • Wanting to make a good impression at a very important business meeting, I found (because I had taken the Hilton Memory Seminar) not only could I remember everyone's name, (first and last), but my creative powers flowed. Needless to say, the meeting was extremely successful. Again, thank you for introducing me to the memory system.
  • I have a fairly good memory but it was suggested that I would enjoy taking the seminar anyway. To my great surprise and satisfaction my memory improved to such a degree that now I find I'm always the center of attention. (Confidentially, being a ham, I just love it.)
  • My memory always gave me problems as I found I did not concentrate properly while reading. After taking the Hilton Memory Seminar, I find I enjoyed reading so much more, because as I apply what I have learned, the important facts of the book stay with me.
  • I'm retired and felt, like most, that as you get older your mind is not as sharp as it once was ... thanks to The Hilton Memory Seminar for dispelling that myth, as I am not only just as sharp as I ever was, I'm even more so.

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Praise for Hermine's Book: The Executive Memory Guide

  • We live at a time when information is not only power, it is crucial for survival. Hilton's book is the first really sound approach to memory (or information retrieval) that I have read. It's a must not only for the busy exec, but the busy everybody.
    —Warren Bennis,
    Author of Leaders: The Strategies for Taking Charge,
    Professor of Management, University of Southern California
  • Hermine Hilton's The Executive Memory Guide changed my life ... It's helped me to become a more efficient leader and made my time far more productive. It's absolutely must reading for the entrepreneur or executive on his way up.
    —Saul T. Fruchthendler, Chairman of The Pacific Group
  • A few hours spent learning the techniques described in this book can save you hundreds of hours wasted through inefficient use of memory.
    —Edwin C. Bliss, Time-Management Consultant
  • An easy-to-learn, concise guide to memory enhancement for anyone who needs help sorting and retrieving the names, facts, and figures of our busy world.
    —Samuel T. Piscitelli, Vice President of the The Prudential Insurance Company of America
  • This book is amazingly simple. I was always impressed with people who could remember 100 telephone numbers, until I realized that I could easily lock 500 in my memory bank. I can't recall a book I've read in the last five years that has done more good for my mind.
    —Gerhard Gschwandtner, Publisher of Personal Selling Power
  • The best book about memory, full of entertainment and applicable, usable wisdom, essential for everyone who wants to remember better.
    —Jerry Breindler, Vice President of Sales, Citicorp Air
  • The Executive Memory Guide is so good because it's so fundamental. No tricks, no gimmicks, just the basics of how to use the mind to retain critical information. Colleges should teach memory courses based on Hermine Hilton's book. No subject is more important for future success.
    —Al Ries, Chairman of Trout & Reis Advertising, Inc.
  • What a liberating relief to have someone like Hermine Hilton around who can teach business people like me how to get rid of the bedeviling affliction of memory shorting out at radical moments.
    —Karl Fleming, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of California Business
  • The Executive Memory Guide by Hermine Hilton is an excellent book to enable students to increase their recall and comprehension.
    —Marvin V. Koven, Ph.D.,
    President of the California Graduate Institute,
    Graduate School of Psychology
  • After having read The Executive Memory Guide , I am sold on mnemonics. The book has taught me how to remember names and to retain the gist of seminars and meetings. And best of all, it's entertaining as well as enlightening.
    —Doris E. Clements, Manager of Sales Services, Swiss Air

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Who's Writing About Her?

Hermine Hilton, with her dynamic talent for delivering her memory message, has been the featured subject of hundreds of newspaper articles around the world. Nationally, these include:

  • The Los Angeles Times
  • The Baltimore Sun
  • The Oregonian
  • The Sacramento Bee
  • The New Orleans Times Picayune
  • The Arizona Daily Star
  • The San Francisco Chronicle
  • The Dallas Times Herald
  • The Houstonian
  • The Anchorage Times
  • The Rochester Times-Union
  • The Albuquerque Journal
  • The Las Vegas Sun

This is just a partial list. The U.S. Army includes her memory tapes in their QSO mentoring program, and even The National Inquirer has written about her — memory that is. Internationally, she has been featured in the major newspapers of Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Netherlands, South Africa, and practically every other place where she has spoken.

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What Her Peers Say About Her

Her peers in the speaking industry repeatedly include Hermine in their books on the subject. A few examples are:

The Greatest Speakers I Ever Heard by Dottie Walters
"Hermine is a funny, witty, and exciting performer who teaches her audience a much needed skill: How to remember."
(Hermine's face is actually on the cover of this book between William F. Buckley and President Ronald Reagan.

Wake 'em Up by Tom Antion
(Re: Foreign audiences) "Fortunately, sometimes your mistakes will be considered funny. Hermine Hilton, the well-known memory expert, gave a presentation in Nigeria where she tried to pronounce the names of members of the audience and innocently added a sexual innuendo. She had everyone falling on the floor with laughter."

What to Say When --- by Lilly Walters
This is a 'how to' save yourself from disaster book in any speaking situation. The author includes several quotes from Hermine in this book regarding: how to keep every audience interested and thrilled with themselves; how to connect with the audience when English is their second language and a 7 foot-plus Chinese giant jumps on your stage; how to just start dancing when in the middle of your performance in Australia the PA system starts blasting out music from Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones who are performing in the next hall; what to say to make them beg to stay when it looks like you may go overtime; and how to make a great save when David Letterman accidentally knocks your book off his desk.

Brain Power by Vernon H. Mark, M.D., F.A.C.S.
"Hermine Hilton teaches acronym building and other mnemonic techniques. They are described in detail in her book, The Executive Memory Guide."

Reinvent Yourself by Hal Gieseking
The C.B.S. commentator praises Hermine's system for remembering names. He concludes by suggesting to his readers that they remember her name.

Total Recall by Joan Minninger, Ph.D
Dr. Minninger also writes about Hermine's system for teaching audiences how to remember names: "Memory lecturer Hermine Hilton suggests that we categorize names as we meet new people, etc. etc ... " and proceeds to tell her readers over the next few pages what Hermine recommends. In the book's Bibliography, Dr. Minninger states that Hermine's cassette entitled A Headstart To A Better Memory is of great value.

Hermine smiling on stageSecrets Of Successful Speakers by Lilly Walters
"The presenters who have the greatest impact on their audiences follow very few of the traditional 'rules' of image. Tom Peters paces back and forth across the stage and often looks like he slept in his clothes. Ken Blanchard often wears a sports coat. Hermine Hilton, the memory expert, wears pants instead of a skirt, and her hair often looks like she forgot to brush it when she got up that morning. Yet all three leave their audiences wanting more and raving about their fantastic impact."

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