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The MEMORY 100

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Hermine Hilton's new book that will help you stop worrying about your memory

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Make Memory Problems a Thing of the Past – Learn How Your Memory Works. Then Learn How to Work Your Memory.

The Executive Memory Guide is amazingly simple. I was always impressed with people who could remember 100 telephone numbers, until I realized that I could easily lock 500 in my memory bank. I can't recall a book I've read in the last five years that has done more good for my mind."

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Publisher of Personal Selling Power

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Hermine Hilton, Internationally-known expert on the art of "Learning How to Learn," offers the following products that will allow you to study the techniques that she has developed for memory improvement:

The Executive Memory Guide: The Surefire Way to Remember Names, Numbers, and Important Information

The Executive Memory Guide A good memory for names and facts is indispensable to success in business – quick recall can make any executive look sharper, quicker, and more effective.

This is the first book to give practical, easy-to-use memory techniques specifically designed for the busy executive who needs to commit facts to memory quickly and retain them for long-term use.

Hermine Hilton shows us how to shorten the length of time the mind needs to process information by using the mind's ear to develop a phonographic memory. The key to Hilton's approach is the use of simple and effective mnemonic techniques – memory prompts based on clear, logical associations – for beginning and advanced practitioners. These techniques make learning easier and use conscious mental strategy to ensure intelligent remembering.

The benefits of Hermine Hilton's unique system are far-reaching, enabling anyone to give speeches, sales presentations, or oral reports without notes or nerves! Guaranteed to help you in any business situation, The Executive Memory Guide is the best prescription for precision memory.

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  • 50 Ways To A Better Memory
  • Tongue Ticklers For Toddults
    (A Parent/Child book)
  • Do You Know Richard Stans?
    (Learning how to learn and understand the Pledge of Allegiance and remember it)
  • Namemoniks
    (The N word for the SOUND habit of remembering names)
  • 60 Minutes To A Sound Memory
    (The Sonik Solution To Recall)

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  • The Executive Memory Guide
  • A Head Start To A Better Memory
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