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The MEMORY 100

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Hermine Hilton's new book that will help you stop worrying about your memory

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Turn Your Next Meeting Into An Unforgettable Experience!

I'd like to extend a heart-felt thank you for your brilliant presentation.

You are a program chairperson's dream-come-true! Everything went perfectly — from capturing our attention ... to timing.

Not only did you show us how to better use our memories, you gave us an event to remember for years to come."

Program Chairperson, Direct Marketing Association of Washington

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Hermine Hilton is the memory-master for the Fortune 500 companies and is known around the world as America's Memory Motivator. She is the author of many books on the subject, including The Executive Memory Guide.

If you've heard her on radio or seen her on TV with David Letterman, Matt Lauer, Bryant Gumbel, or Charlie Rose, among others, then you know she believes in laughter in learning (see for yourself in her Video Section).

Gene Shalit, the entertainment critic on the Today show, once told her she was the only one who could make Bryant Gumbel laugh on camera (watch it happen).

She'll entertain you while she proves to you that your memory is better than you think. She's a one-of-a-kind communicator.

Your Memory ... It's Better Than You Think!

Do you ever think you have a memory problem? Well, Hermine Hilton says you're wrong.

With Clients as diverse as the U.S. Department of Justice, Johnson Space Center, Department of Corrections, and the Navajo Nation, Hermine smiling on stageHermine says that throughout her travels, whether speaking before executives, management, employees, students, or even to prison populations, "The biggest problem anyone has with memory is 'thinking' they have a problem ... None of us are born with built-in instructions on how to program the greatest computer of all – that one attached to our necks. But if you learn how your memory works, then you can learn how to work your memory."

Audiences all over the world from Malaysia to Nigeria, Turkey to Israel, and Europe to South Africa find her performances fast paced and fun.

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